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Whales Teeth


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I hope someone here can please give me some advice. I did ask for help five or six years ago on 'The Carving Path' but I was just in the process of moving from Austria back

to the UK and it all became rather 'mixed up' and confused.

I have 7 whales teeth. They were given to me in 1974 by one of my students in Perth, Western Australia. (This students brother was a hobby diver and found numerous

whales teeth on the sea bed somewhere round Frenchman Bay, near Albany in the South West of Western Australia.). They came from the sea very near to where there was

once a whaling station. It appears that whaling has been done there since the middle of the 1800’s and continued on and off to the middle of the 20th Century.

Since recently again deciding to sell the teeth because they have only been stored away I have looked into the history of the Whaling Stations that once existed in that

area and have discovered that the whaling stations were not in operation there all the time, But, apparently some very limited whaling continued right up to the early 1970's.

The 7 whales teeth I have are all in very good condition with no damage or cracks (see attachment) and I would like to sell them as I said - if it is OK to do so.. I cannot

conclusively prove that they date from before 1973, but the odds must be very high that they do because whaling ceased there at about that time. Obviously I can't sell them

if it's illegal, which I also understand.

In the photograph which I have attached you can see the lengths (in cms) and the weight (in grams).

They are: length weight

Nr. 1 8.5cm 52gms

Nr. 2 12.5cm 135gms

Nr. 3 10.5cm 84gms

Nr. 4 13.5cm 180gms

Nr. 5 11.5cm 140gms

Nr. 6 13.0cm 190gms

Nr. 7 15.0cm 245gms


I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help with how best I can sell them and if it's OK to do so. - please email - harrison.terry@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help,




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