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A Maori Karetao Puppet


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A traditional Maori puppet. The originals are invariably made in wood, but I like bone. In fact, this is two pieces attached together (plus the arms).

They were use in storytelling, one hand holding the handle, the other operating the arms.




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Hi Yuri,


I enjoy seeing the images and learning that the figures are used as story-telling aids. What are the dimensions of the carving?


The pixel dimension is one of the things to determine when resizing an image. When resizing, both image quality and pixel dimension affect the file size (amount of kb and MB). One of the above images pixel dimensions are 630px × 1,260px. Keeping the maximum dimension to about 700px helps the file size stay lower.


It is better that the file size is in the lower range of KB than in the MB range. MB are significantly larger for storage.


Enough of that talk. I am happy to see your new piece. I think that I see a small bit of your finger, so I think that this is a fairly large piece. What bone was used, and what staining did you do?



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Yes, this is a working real piece, not a model. Though on the small side, really. The originals tend to be somewhat larger.

It was made from two pieces of horse metatarsus, joined together. , rather, the figure is, the handle is think a cow bone piece. The stain is the sugar stain proposed on this forum a while ago. Woks really well.

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