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Feeling Motivated.

Steve T

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OK so it's been a busy long weekend. After finishing the butterfly last week I decided to go back to something a little simpler, and actually come up with a design I like a lot, I've never made a carving before that felt like something I'd wear, until now. It still needs a cord and I'm working out a binding for it now that works.


With a relatively traditional Whale tail background and a tribal/celtic knot designed to lay over top. It's a style that I've done before with some success and I think it works. Not sure if I'm totally ready to stop on the finishing as there are still a few rough flaws that I can see but maybe I'm being picky.


This is the first carving I've done in camel bone, I got this from my ethical supplier and really liking how it polishes up as it holds a really fine finish. Again it's about 75mm (3in) long which seems to be the default for my designs for some reason, wondering if it's determined by the width I can get out of the bone and the proportions feel right.


Comments welcome.



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beauuutiful work, Stephen meyers book on maori carving gives good advices on how to put cords on bonecarvings.


Thanks :) I have that book and yes, it is where I get some of my ideas on cords for carvings. I like his idea that the transition from carving to cord is a major part of the work and it does take time to work out the best transition. I have a couple of ideas for this one and will hopefully get it sorted out in the next few days.

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