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Lewis Island Chess Pieces


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The attached photos are a partially completed Lewis Island chess set. I didn't try to be particularly exact in reproducing, just more-or-less. The size is about half of the original (which itself varies very considerably.) The material is deer antler crowns. Where I live there are about 5 million or so deer farmed. The antlers are cut off at the crown when in velvet, (sold to China and Korea) and when the time comes to shed... the antlers, these "buttons" are shed. By that time they have become solid right through, though not totally uniformly. You can see some rougher area on the second king.

The figures are one of the kings from three sides, a queen, the other king, two opposing pawns and an unfinished bishop.

I have carved these some 3 or 4 years ago, then stopped, as I got some walrus ivory, and was going to make a set from that. (It's for myself.) Then, of course other things came along, and I haven't even started on the ivory set, while haven't progressed on this one either. Oh, well, one day...









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