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Wjs 2014 - Finished Piece

Tom A.

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Well here we are! At the end of the process with just a day or two left to complete entries and submit photos!!


This is my entry into the Jade Symposium Sculpture Category!


Titled 'Hidden Within" to reflect both the colours of the Jade and how they change with applied light and the Bonsai etched onto the panels that disappear with applied light.


The lighting is an LED light strip set on while light with a slow strobing effect to turn on and off.


The fan dimensions are 8"L x 12"W x 1.5 millimetres thick - The light box makes it a bit bigger but not much. It also sits on approx a 45 deg angle for viewing. The light box is made from Yellow Cedar Burl.


The Jade is from Dease Creek British Columbia. I particularly like this Jade because of all the "activity" & character within - however the black inclusions do cause a bit of heartache since they are very soft!!


As always there are more images and video on my facebook page for those into that.






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