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T Paulsen

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There's two types of carving that I'm aware of: "Fantacy" gemstone carving and creating 3D objects (animals, etc.)


If it relates to faceting:


You can post your question to the U.S. Faceters Guild and ask if there is anyone in your local area that is providing lessons.

They're a great bunch of folks and if anyone is available in your local area they should be able to give you a name or that person will chime in on the thread.

Here's the link: www.usfacetersguild.org


If you already have a faceting background you could order Dalan Hargraves book on "Cutting Ribbons" which is a good place to start.

Here's the link: http://www.gemstarz.com/


Both of these companies make the faceing machines capable of "Fantacy" cuts; you can also check with them for local classes (if any).

Polymetric: www.polymetricinc.com/

Ultra-Tec: www.ultratec-facet.com/

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TP do you have a back ground in general lapidary or is this all new? Gemstone carving is just an extension of the techniques used to create a cabochon. You are just working with many more curved and flat faces on the the one piece.



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