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First Exhibition


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Hello everyone, I give my first exhibition of 15 years of carving , and private netsuke collection ,


it is a very good museum of ethnology , http://bystervelt.be/Welkom/Tentoonstellingen.html

one of the exhibition rooms has display cases,

it is only open on the last Sunday of the month for 3 hours ,

every 2 month there is another private exhibition , in order to attract people ,

I cross my fingers , :rolleyes:






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Thank you Billy,

National and local newspaper has been for an interview ,

it's remarkable how little people know of the existence of netsuke's ,

and that there are people who practice this form of carving ,

I have mention this forum as an important source of information techniques ,

and special two people of this forum, Janel Jacobson and Tom Sterling ,

the Free eBook – How to Carve Netsuke and Miniature Sculpture from Tom Sterling is a must read for everyone ,

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