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Commercially Available Carving Tools

Gary G

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I'm a jeweler & have been carving wax for decades. I recently decided to get into carving netsuke & have been using, for the most part, a #11 x-acto blade & the graving tools I use for jewelry. I'd like to have a set of tools the proper size for miniature sculpture & would like some feedback from this forum as to which band to buy & any other suggestions you might have. I am not opposed to modifying commercially available tools.

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Hi Gary,


Commercially available small tools are not easy to find. Dockyard makes a limited variety of standard style versions of larger wood carving tools.


Many of us who carve and sculpt create our own or re-purpose other kinds of things to become useful tools.


There have been many, different discussions in the Tools forum area here on TCP that will enlighten you when you read knowledgeable contributions made by several excellent carvers. I would use the page choice at the upper left of the Tools & Materials index page and go to the earliest page and skim through the topics about tools and work towards the more recent pages. You will find "how-to" and "what to use" topics regarding making tools for small carving, from scratch or from re-purposing other metal items or tools.


Happy reading! TCP is a great information resource after more than ten years of contributions from its members.



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