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Contemplating Closing The Forum


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For a long time I have contemplated closing The Carving Path forum. Week, after month, I see very little information exchange, logged in members, or posting from members. Meanwhile, I continue to monitor the forum daily, and paying the bills monthly.


Making such a decision has taken a long time to get to this point of writing these words and posting them on the forum. It is a very difficult choice to make.


Within this forum there is such a wealth of information to be found by those who seek it. That has been what has kept me from closing the forum to this point in time. To keep the content safe and accessible, there currently is much need of updating the software, moving the data, requiring more time and expense to be spent on my part.


Without member activity as a forum for interaction and support of one-anothers' needs and interests, I have less and less desire to keep the forum alive and on line.




If the forum closes, it won't happen right away. I want to give members a little time to save information that might be in their messages list.


There is also a possibility that forum members and non-members might be able to copy and save topics that they will want to refer to some time in the future, perhaps as PDF documents. Please do so, starting now.


These many years of being the admin and being a part of the relationships formed as a result of your interactions here have been meaningful to me. I have learned a lot from your participation on The Carving Path forum.



My warmest regards to you all,



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