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First Upgrade Complete


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Recently the forum's system upgrade occurred, but not to the final level. That step requires that I learn how to manage the new operating system. The upgrade should occur in the early part of 2017.


For one reason or another there have been an increasing number of new registrants over the past couple of years who did not send the admin their letter of introduction. I am now contacting all of those who did register but who did not succeed in landing a message in the admin email box. The failure might have been software related, it might have been a choice or an oversight by the registrant. Regardless, I am hopeful that each person will be reached and have the opportunity to respond to my admin email message and then be able to participate as a member on the forum.


The greater hope with my time being spent on upgrading the system for the forum, and for reaching out to a number of new registrants, is that somehow this forum will see a significant increase in membership participation.


The forum used to have members befriending one-another and presenting constructive help from their vast pool of experience that the members combined have to offer.


It takes a community to keep the community alive.


I am laying out the tinder and kindling but it will take all of you to light the fire and keep it going.


Warmest regards to you all, and best wishes to you during this holiday season.



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