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Book: Classification And Nomenclature Of Beads And Pendants

Heidi L

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I did a quick search of the forum and did not see this book posted (apologies if I am wrong and it is in here somewhere!).


I just received this one in the mail yesterday and WOW is it ever a great little compilation of beads of all kinds and materials. There are diagrams of every major shape of bead which I think will be highly useful when deciding what shape of bead to carve (you can see some of them right on the cover at the bottom). Right away I thought, "This will be an excellent reference for if I am out of ideas, or in need of a visual guide if I get stuck."


Figured I'd share, because I think these diagrams could be useful for anyone who would like a useful guide on basic shapes/forms.


Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants by Hoarce Beck (Second edition 1973)






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