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Love knot?

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Sorry Jim, the forum has not been a lively place for some time. 

Was the curly maple more challenging to carve because of the irregular grain?  I can barely wrap my head around figuring out a simple mobius, but I have done at least a couple of them.  Trying to do a quad with heart shapes almost hurts my brain and eyes to begin to imagine cutting it from the wood and having it all meet up, with the twist in there somewhere. 

I have already forgotten your intro, are you a trained gem stone cutter?  That gem above has quite a lot of facets.  I'll bet that in bright, full spectrum light that it is quite a sparkler. 



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Hi Janel,

It seems like forums do come and go, People post things for a while then wander off.

No worries though, I am just trying to get some of the quiet ones to speak up.

People looked at the post, just didn't say boo..

That's okay, I end up talking to myself a lot in real life too.

Thanks for your interest though.

I actually like the big leaf curly maple for carving.

It cuts nice and the interlocked grain seems to help keep it from splitting pieces.

The interlocking part was tricky, I made the first one from modeling clay and used it for figuring out the sequence.

As to the faceting, I had some time on my hands and a machine shop free to use back in the 80's

I designed and built a faceting machine and taught myself how to facet ( I had a little help..)

That stone is pretty bright in spite of it only being quartz, It turned out really nice. 

Don't think I could do it again.

I have made a lot of smaller stones that came out very nicely too,

It help to be a little obsessive compulsive  sometimes, especially when some one tell me I can't do something.

Of course then, I HAVE to figure it out.

And the more challenging and tougher the project,  the harder my head gets.

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