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My first three pieces in bone

Marcus C.

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Just started and am loving the results so far. I got the carving DVD`s by Stephan gilberg

and away I went. I am only now on my 5th peice though.

The round one is one from his DVD`s the other two are just variations of

images I found online, to try different things. I am not artistic really in any way

but I can use my hands fairly well, when I know what I want to do.

The middle piece is not finished, have put it aside. I want to decorate the large white

area I have my idea, but dont know how to go about it.





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What I see right off is that you are paying attention to the line of the curves, making them flow smoothly.  I appreciate that very much.  The energy of movement in the curves is not interrupted.

You may start "seeing" and interpreting into new pieces as technique becomes second nature with these early pieces.  I look forward to seeing where you go with your interests.


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@ Jim, Thanks for your comments. I gave it a hand polish, just to show up any scratches I had got out

before going to the next grade of paper. And it looks really nice. Am not sure I will probably take your advice and leave it as is.

Can I ask you what you mean by bail? 

@ Janel. The round one was my first one and I found it really hard. And is my most....disappointing...no that is not the right word.

least happy with so far (although it was my first) It`s not quite round and I couldn`t the inner curve of the inlay right. Going to have another

go at that one, maybe change it up a bit. And then gift it to mum. I also am looking forward to where this is going.

My wife refuses to where bone..? So today I found a nice bit of walnut and am trying to come up with an idea for something for her.

I really envy the creative people in this world where ideas come naturally.


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