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First/Early Pieces?

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I know that on some other social media sites, it's "Throwback Thursday", but this week, Tuesday's close enough for me :)

Do you still have your first, or one of the first netsuke or other small carvings you made? I'm curious about what sorts of things we all began with and would love to see.

I don't have the -very- first small carving I did, but I do have the second one. (The first one ended up being an offering to the Willamette river, and was pitched from the Hawthorne bridge early in a February long ago...). It was inspired by a print by William Blake from "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell". Tagua nut, carved with an x-acto knife and finished with several grades of sandpaper sometime around 1998, I think.

Size-wise it's 3.3cm h  x 3.1 cm w x 2.8cm d






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I love this thread! I've carved on and off since I was 11 like in 1980 or something, but most of my output has been love spoons. One of my earliest carvings that might qualify as a netsuke would be the owl and the moon I did in 2013. Fallow deer antler with ebony inlay. I think it's about 3cm across.DSCF1043DSCF1045

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