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Summer greeting from Tokyo Japan

Kiyoshi Yoshii

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A record long and cold rainy season is over,

and suddenly, an intense summer has hit, in Tokyo Japan.

This may be the impact of global warming.  How are you?


Also, I have been able to create something like these.

If you look at and like these, I am so happy.


Please click the triangle mark on the displayed video to start.


New 4 works:

Ako-chan on a perpetual motion machine     A never stop swing


Ako-chan  beside a perpetual motion machine


Ako-chan and a perpetual motion machine (?)    by the Gauss Accelerator


Ako-chan with a perpetual motion machine?   With two boys



Please see other my works on my YouTube channel:


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Kiyoshi Yoshii, I hope that the weather evens out for you in Tokyo.  We have had weather extremes in my region of the USA, but today is going to be a perfect summer day, not too hot and not too cold.  A rarity.

It is fun to see your new perpetual motion machines.  Thank you for posting the links to watch them.


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