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Grateful for the archives!

B.K. Henderson-Winnie

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Hello all,

I recently agreed to do some experimental carving in a new material that we think will have the properties of glass and/or ungrogged creramic and/or jade-like stone (we'll find out!). I can't go into the details of what the material specifically is because there are proprietary info restrictions involved at this stage of development, but I'm excited to experiment with carving whatever shows up in my mailbox next week. 

I've not done any carving on such a substance before, but with the generously shared information here, I feel I will get a good start. Thank you all, especially Janel, for this info that is here when I need it. I'll be combing the archives to research tools and safety procedures. It is so much less intimidating knowing that this knowledge base (and personal creative support base!) exists.

I haven't contributed many posts lately, but as my theater schedule lightens up a bit int he next couple of months I'll post some images of what I've been up to & catch up!

With much love,


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