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Staining ivory green?

Ursula D-S

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Hello, I am new to this page! I make 1:12 scale marquetry, turnings and carvings.

I am looking for a method to deep stain ivory and other tooth green. Not just green but verdigris green. The only recipe I have found is from 1710 (Diderot) and in old English and the names and measures are not useable. Or it is very poisonous! Besides, I do not have fresh warm goats milk, hot horse manure available  as required 😳

I do have copper bits and dust. 

On old furniture and items you will see this green dyed ivory. Does anybody know how it can be done in a modern way? I have searched for several years in books and online. It must be dyed deep enough to take sanding! Ordinary stain does not go deep into the “grain”



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