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Midnight Bamboo Tsuba

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I've recently completed a japanese blade, and I thought I'd share the tsuba (guard) here. It's the first time I do this kind of inlay on that scale. 




The young vs old bamboo dichotomy symbolizes growth, while the waning and waxing moon stand for the opening and closing chapters of our lives.

I spent most of the time on the obverse side with its many inlays, and I made more than a few mistakes. There are still visible signs of my crimes, but I'm (mostly) okay with where I ended up.

The reverse side features a simple katakiri carving. It doesn't look like much, but balance and confidence in the cuts were my main goal. I practiced many times before I let myself do it on the real piece. This version turned out better than any of my practice run :)

These photos were taken just after the patination bath in roksuho.



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1 hour ago, Ed Twilbeck said:

Excellent work, fantastic ,would love to see the sword. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much Ed!

Here's the tsuba mounted on the sword. 


There are a couple more carved/inlaid elements:




For anyone interested in the other aspects of the build, see this thread (in another forum, I hope that's okay to link to).


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Wow!  Francis, thank you for the link to the extensively detailed information from the creation of this ensemble.  

(Bladesmith's early founder Donn Fogg, joined and encouraged Jim Kelso and myself as co-founders of The Carving Path forum.)

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