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Resize Images For This Forum


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With what I know about the subject, I will try to explain how to resize an image to the suggested file size for the forum: (I use an iMac, the terms might be a little different if you are using a PC)


The sample image: sample1.jpg


Make sure you are working with a "copy" of the file you want to alter, so that you have the original to refer back to if you want to use it in another way later. Rename the copy to a name that means something to you in the overall scheme of data you are keeping. Perhaps if it is going to be used for the web, add "underscore w" or _w at the end of what already exists, meaning that it is for the web. (sample1.jpg_w.jpg) You may already have a scheme for this naming need.


Open the image in Photoshop (I am using Photoshop CS)

In the menu go to Image>Image Size


In the Image Size information box you will see: (My numbers are a sample only)


Pixel Dimensions 11.1M

Width: 2272 pixels

Height: 1704 pixels



Width: 7.573 (inches)

Height: 5.68 (inches)


Resolution: 300


Select- Scale Styles

Select- Constrain Proportions (this one should be checked for sure, it keeps the width and height proportional)

Select- Resample image


>Scale styles and resample image, I do not know about, but are checked on my window...


Change the resolution to 72 Pixels/inch


In the Pixel Dimensions: Change the width/height to:


Width: 640 pixels

Height: 480 (Constrained Proportions will change the second number automatically.)

Document Size should change automatically as well.

You will see that the file size has dropped to 900.0K. Click OK.


The image size will be adjusted.


You may need to save the image as a JPEG, which may have been originally another format.

File>Save As

Format: select JPEG > JPEG Image Options Quality: Maximum (12) [on my software] > OK



Now, to save this JPEG image for the web, go to the menu: File>Save For Web


Select: JPEG

Quality: adjust this amount to the point where pixelation (speckley edges) just begins, raise the number a few percentage points until the edges clear up. Click the Optimized check mark off and on again, which will signal the optimizing to occur.




Look under the picture (on a 2-Up view) the right image file-size information (at the bottom left of that image) should read at or under 50 K. Attain this limit by adjusting the Quality amount until satisfied with the image quality and getting near the 50 K file size.


Click SAVE


A navigation window opens. Rename the image here, if you need to, I added the _w (underscore w) after the "sample1" and selected the folder where I wanted it to be stored, somewhere that makes sense when I want to find it for addition to the forum or other web use.


Now the dimensional and file sizes have been reduced and can be added to the forum message when you are composing your contribution.


(When the newly resized image is opened in Photoshop its file size reads larger than what I see as its size when looking at it in my finder detail report. Photoshop must store more information about it when it is open in Photoshop. I do not know the answer to that yet...I know some but not all...)


I hope that this is helpful to you. Please let me know how to correct this procedure or what to add to this to make it work better.



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Hello Janel,


Well described! When one becomes more experienced with

Photoshop, one finds other ways and shortcuts to reach the

same results.

One thing though, when checking the Size Menu one should

adjust the length units to what they are used to. You use INCHES,

I suppose, I use cm......


Pixel Dimensions 11.1M

Width: 2272 pixels

Height: 1704 pixels



Width: 7.573 (?????) inches

Height: 5.68 inches


Resolution: 300


All the best,

David (ddd)

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Great info, thanks to both Janel & David.


For Mac users I have found a great little bit of shareware($12.).


If you are just cropping and sizing an image(for the forum or email for example) I prefer this software as it is very fast and less cumbersome than opening Photoshop.


You simply drag a photo into the well(see attached screen-shot). Do the sizing on the right, and drag it off from the right. The feature I like most is that you can set the file size limit and also set the physical size without doing any calculations. This has been a teaching aid to me in seeing how much smaller I can get the files to still get reasonable resolution.


Here's the software provider. Sorry for Mac only :)


Yellowmug EasyCrop



And here's the screenshot:


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Jim, "Yellowmug" is known for its small, efficient and cheap

software that deals in a simple manner with common tasks

that can be a long sequence of actions in Photoshop.


Experianced Photoshop users usually create a series of automatic

actions using the "Actions" tool ("Window" menu.


At times, creating a simple two-three stage action can save many

seconds-per-picture when dealing with large batches of images

that need similar first treatment.

For example, creating an action tha will rotate the picture 90 deg

clockwise, remove a prevailing magenta cast and sharpen the picture

("Unsharp" filter!)...


These three actions can be combined into a one key stroke.

Worth looking into. Most simple to activate....


David (ddd)

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Hi all,


I am just posting a message to bring this topic higher up in the queue so that newer members can find this easier.


It is good to know this information, to bring the file sizes down to 50 k, pixel dimensions to 640 x 480, and 72 dpi for resolution.


Just a reminder. You've all been doing a good job of this. New members need to know this.


Janel :D

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Hi Janel...Well I tried photo shop 2 and it only has a big to small dial, so I used my Kodak site. It has 100% -75%-50%-25%- best for web and thumbnail settings. I sent the Raven on best for web. From my end, not successful. What now? sorry to be a pain in the.....cooch

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MS Paint can be used to save pictures under the JPEG format for small file size, and it can also let you resize. This is good for people who don't have fancy graphics software, but MS Paint also runs a lot fast than some other programs, so that's a plus.


There is an MS Powertoy for resizing pictures. It adds an option to the right-click menu of files that are images, and lets you easily resize them to your specifications. Check it out: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ppowertoys.mspx

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Thanks so Much for trying to make things S much easier for us. I had mentioned earlier, a free program called "Irfanview", which is a file Viewer with many basic editing apps within it. Small and Free, two giant words this day and age, plus it's Easy! AND FREE HERE

Try it, you might like it and if not it goes away quickly and Easily with no Lingering effects...NO, I am Not affiliated with Irfanview.

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Woodworm asked the following questions in a different topic, but the answers are better offered here>




Thank you for keeping this reminder active.

I am on dial-up as well and am missing a lot of the posts for the reason you have stated.

It takes forever to down load.

NOT ONLY THAT -- when a post has a large download and I know it, I do not return even when someone else has posted a comment because the download begins and as you say -- there we sit.

For those of you who do not understand what Janel is meaning and how slow dial up works, I will give you an example of my dial-up situation.

For me to download a 45 second blip on u-tube -- it takes me anywhere from 3/4 of an hour to 1 1/2 hours.


Janel -- should we publish here (or maybe there is a thread already) on how reduce picture size? Or as to what programs we use?


Folks -- there is so much beautiful work here, and the encouragement through the comments and the shared advise and knowledge it is a shame that some of us are missing some of it.


I do hope I am not out of order here. I do not intend to offend anyone.


Last questions --

--- can each individual edit the size of their pictures?

--- and -- if my pictures show up the right size on my computor, is it the same on everyones?



If everyone is able to post photos, they should be able to find a way to edit their photos. There is an older link above to simpler software available on the internet, and now there may be more. I am not able to take the time just now to do the searching for applications, but I encourage you to seek out something that you can use. Once you use it you will most likely find other ways to implement the software when processing your photos. Have some fun with it too!


You should be able to find the pixel dimension with your software that opens the photos for processing. Using the guidelines for 640 x 480 pixel dimensions, at 72 dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch), will give you the zone for aiming your resizing towards.


Then, you should also be able to "optimize" the file size to around 50 k (general size to aim for if the image does not degrade). A bit larger is okay if the image begins to pixelate (degrade or loose clear quality). This is where software helps.


Any suggestions from others? I use a Mac platform computer, and the world at large is mostly PC. Info from anyone and about either platform is going to be welcome additions to this topic.



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I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Also MS Paint.

Hopefully I am getting it right myself.


An added note on large files -- I do not know if it is just my computor or the program but if I open a thread that has a large photo download it will freeze my computor until the download completes.

In other words, if I get caught up in that sometimes I can't even cancel and have to shut my PC off and restart.

Thanks Janel , and thanks all.


Woodworm (Bill)

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For Mac users there is EasyCrop. Much quicker and simpler than Photoshop and opens fast.

Drag the photo in, crop out useless background, move a slider for dimension, type in your file size, drag the photo to your desktop and you're done.



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