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Guest Clive

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Hi there,

I'm Clive Hallam, a netsuke carver living in England. I've just opened a rather tasty Merlot and am settling down to have a good old nose about. :)

Looks good so far... nice layout.Well done to those responsible for setting it up.




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Only kiddin, hey J ...I worked on our snail on the fungus yesterday... coming on very nicely..even if I do say so myself. I'm thinking of adding a bit of colour though... its not "warm" enough, but not Walt Disney you understand..more Carrovagio..just too give it a bit more drama :lol:

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Hi, I`m a carver from Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. I work small 1/2 " to big 2-3 ft. I have a free website you could have a look at if you wish, www.geocities.com/chumiscarving , and I always like to see what other artists are doing. My name is Gerry Coutu, call me Cooch. Thanks, havn`t a clue what to do now.

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"Cooch. Thanks, havn`t a clue what to do now."


Hi Cooch,


Welcome! If you mean you don't know what to do here on the forum... :lol::D


How about if you tell us about the tools you use and what you do to finish the surfaces of the different materials in the Tools & Technical forum?


To do that you would go to the Tools & Technical forum, click on the NEWTOPIC button, write a Topic Title, then write a brief description, and in the text box write your description of the tools you use to carve antler and the other tools you use for soap stone.


If you would like to write about the materials you use, where you acquire them, their characteristics, coloration, inlay techniques and materials, for starters, go to the Materials forum and start a topic there!


I have carved moose antler a little, and used deer antler for inlay and a little carving, and would like to hear from you about what you have to say.


If you have philosophical thoughts, The Way is always a good place to visit and contribute.


There are lots of things to learn and to do here to share with the group!




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