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International Netsuke Society Message Board 2nd Anniversary


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Greetings to The Carving Path membership. I just posted the following message on the International Netuske Society Message Board. It is an invitation to the INS MB members to liven up but it takes the membership of TCP to give them a reason to participate. There are likely untapped resources among the collectors, who might enjoy communicating with artists who are interested in netsuke, inro, ojime, cords, and associated other articles. Please click the link above, join the INS message board and try asking some netsuke and related item questions. Lets see if this month we might stir the pot on their second anniversary and bring the membership some interesting things to read and learn about. Thanks.


Message to the International Netsuke Society Message Board:


Hello everyone. Two years ago this month ago it was asked of me to populate this message board with people who share interest in netsuke. Members of the society, collectors and artists, both have found their way here in those two years.


I would like to congratulate everyone for keeping even a little bit connected to the forum, and would very much like to encourage more communication and participation, somehow.


When the artists came on board in the first months, a few of us realized we were pushing beyond the concept of the Netsuke Society/Collectors interest areas with our topics. A different forum, The Carving Path, was formed, with a broadly diverse interest area. That interest is in our dedication to carving or sculpting in a very small scale compared to the rest of the world of creativity.


With much surprise and gratefulness, we at TCP have a growing group of international artists with many excellent talents and abilities sharing their expertise. I want to thank the INS Message Board for having a role in the beginning of that other forum, bringing an awareness of the interests of living artists who pursue carving small things.


Several of the artists to join TCP in the past year have expressed interest in learning to carve netsuke, and others who are possibly unknown to contemporary netsuke collectors and do excellent work have introduced themselves there.


Netsuke collectors may have an opportunity to share their expertise with the artists if they would be willing to begin discussion or answer questions that might be asked by carvers seeking knowledge about netsuke, inro, ojime, cords and other related items.


I am interested in beginning to stir the pot again here. I will plant the seed with The Carving Path members to become members of this message board, to ask their questions, and see what sorts of responses the INS Message Board members will bring forth.


I remain hopeful that there are more ways to share knowledge and enjoyment in the world of small carvings.


Janel Jacobson

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