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Sebastián Urresti

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Hello Folks!

Here´s a great idea if you want to make a Marudai, and if Kumihimo is not for you you can have a funny stool! ;)

The better part is that the height is just perfect to work sitted on a chair.


You only need to make a hole in the middle of the stool and with some nice carving tools make this (the red curved line) and with sandpapers do the rest...


The kagama -mirror-, that is were the threads lies, needs to be very very smooth and all rounded, so some grits will be needed.

I hope you like the idea, sorry about the image quality, not the best... ;)



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Hi Sebas,


No, sorry. Busy life, and braiding is lower on the list for now. I will put purchasing the fibers for the braiding on a list, and that may get done as the first step towards learning to do kumihimo. Your instructions will be a great help when I get to that step, thank you.

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OK Sebas what is 'muradai' and what is 'kumihino' - sounds as though it is some type of braiding something. I used to braid leather and rawhide. This sounds interesting. Explain basics if you please. I love to learn new trades.

Curious Debbie

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Hi Debbie,


I think that Sebas has been without a computer for many months. He wrote quite a while ago from another computer to send a greeting.


The braiding frame, Maru Dai, are used for creating Japanese braided cord or ropes for many kinds of uses. Netsuke, ojime and inro are connected by a braided cord. Other cords are braided and used on sword furniture (sorry guys, I don't know the right words for the places where the cord is used).


I think that Sebas has posted a few topics in the past regarding kumihimo. Use the word "kumihimo" and look for Sebastian's name as topic author. You will find a few of those topics that way and should find in that he has illustrated thread orientation and basic weaving techniques.



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