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Carving Materials


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The information contained herein originally appeared on www.thecarvingpath.net or www.thecarvingpath.com forums. These compilations are copyrighted by TheCarvingPath.net, and each separate posting and/or image is copyrighted by the original poster. This information may be freely distributed for the purposes of learning these or similar techniques, but may not be sold or otherwise distributed for financial gain in any manner. Many of the procedures or techniques described herein are dangerous, employ toxic or otherwise hazardous substances, or may produce toxic or hazardous substances in the process of employment, such as dust or other evolved products. This information is not intended for use by beginners or those uninformed about the proper use of the equipment, materials or substances described. For heaven’s sake, do be sensible and safe when using these or similar techniques. If you aren’t absolutely certain you are capable of using this information safely, then ask questions or seek help and guidance by those who are.


These tutorials are presented in Adobe Acrobat PDf format. They require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download from www.adobe.com).



Ivory_Antler_Bone.pdf –Updated as of January 22, 2007



Tagua_Nut.pdf –Updated as of January 22, 2007



Woods.pdf –Updated as of January 22, 2007

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