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Craft In America


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I met Carol Sauvion, the woman responsible for this documentary series, last year at the celebration of the reopening of the beautifully renovated Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. She was very excited about this series of documentaries, and I would like to share this information with you. The documentaries are being shown on American television. I do not know whether or when it will be available to the world's viewers.




CRAFT IN AMERICA: Memory, Landscape, Community

Three Part PBS Series

A journey to the origins, artists, and techniques of American Crafts.


“It’s truly amazing that nobody has done this, but nobody has, and it’s something that I think most Americans will love and will want to see” – Jacoba Atlas, former Senior Vice President, Programming, PBS


Beginning May 30, 2007, millions of Americans will discover the importance that craftsmanship has played in the founding and future of our country with the premiere of CRAFT IN AMERICA: Memory, Landscape, Community, a three-part high-definition series on PBS.


Part I - Memory

This 60 minute documentary, the first in the CRAFT IN AMERICA series, takes a personal tour through craft's history in America beginning with the pioneers of the field. This episode juxtaposes the intimate stories of some of our country's most prominent craft artists against the larger historical context of craft itself.


Part II - Landscape

The second episode focuses on the relationship between the artists and their physical environment. Craft artists depend on their natural environment for both materials and inspiration. This hour will look at the processes through which natural materials become finished works of craft, and what deeper messages may be contained therein.


Part III - Community

Throughout time, craft work has been a community activity. This hour will focus on the spiritual connection artists have to their communities through craft making. Some express the ideas, beliefs and desires of their community through their craft objects. Some pay homage to the community by continuing craft traditions that are in danger of being lost. Others actually perform their craft as a community project. The personal stories of gifted artists and passionate newcomers alike reveal the deeply held belief that craft is about more than just the making of an object – it is also about a way of life, a reason for being.


First-run Airdates:

Memory May 30, 2007; 8p EDT/PDT

Landscape May 30, 2007; 9p EDT/PDT

Community May 30, 2007; 10p EDT/PDT

Please check local listings to confirm all airdates/times


Program Time: Each episode: 56 mins.

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