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Slipstones Woodcarving Manuals

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Chris Pye's web site.


-Slipstones Woodcarving Manuals- Woodcarving Advice and Support

Key Notes on Sharpening Gouges

Master Woodcarving Secrets

Learning to Carve 2

Select & Sharpen Your Vtool

Select & Sharpen Your Vtool

Quick Carving Questions 1

Quick Carving Questions 2

Quick Carving Questions 3

Quick Carving Questions 4

Learning to Carve

A Guide to Safe Woodcarving

Mistakes & Woodcarving

Woodcarving Fundamentals

Slicing & the Value of the Inside Bevel


-Short, self-contained ebooks, based on articles and questions in the free Chris Pye-Woodcarving Website Newsletter. <i>All ebooks are now available in PDF format...</i>


Entirely free to download and learn from, and to copy, print or distribute to your friends but you must not charge money for them.



Chris Pye's web site is loaded with helpful information. <a href="http://www.chrispye-woodcarving.com" target="_blank">Subscribe to the free, monthly Chris Pye: Woodcarving Website Newsletter.</a>




These manuals may no longer be available. Check Chris Pye's web site for availability. He does have a selection of DVD's available now.

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