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Hello, and thank you

Garrett McCormack

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Janel, Jim, and Don: I thank you for putting this place together!


My name is Garrett McCormack. Currently I live selling antiques and collectible books, but what I would really like to do is carve netsuke and forge Japanese swords. So I suppose its a good thing that I am only 22, since I can't really think of two more challenging endeavors!

I have studied netsuke for years, and was privileged enough to meet both Jim Kelso and Janel Jacobson, along with many other incredible carvers (such as Mr. Hallam, and the late Guy Shaw), at the 1998 (I think..) Chicago International Netsuke Society convention. I was captivated by their work then and have remained so.

So far my own 3D work has been tentative and exploratory. I have been playing with antler, soapstone, alabaster, various woods native to my home here in Florida, and other things, but only in the last 6 months have I become somewhat serious. Maybe I shall post some photos of my work later.

Thanks again for creating a place where I can communicate with many of my favorite artists, from around the world. It is a great gift. :)

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