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Drawings to finished work

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I think drawings should be part of showing any piece. People can see the how the design evolved and developed. I often do extensive drawings and designs of some of my pieces. The way I work, often making a hindered or so pieces and brazing and soldering them together, forces me to design and draw the piece to the last detail. I try to solve problems before they occur to save time. Here is a piece I created with the drawings showing the design process.





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Old topic but a good subject, any year, any fresh start.  I wonder how Dick Bonham is and what he is doing now.

I will restart this topic with a couple of subjects in two different materials.  Carved porcelain shallow relief, and a small sculpture.

The carve porcelains for these drawings were shallow lidded boxes, though I do not have easy photos of the finished pieces.  The composition image tells the essential story though.  I use tracing paper that is translucent enough to see line drawing on one side and the shading on the other, when set on a piece of white paper.  This gives the form and helps me to plan the depth of the carving, which then becomes shaded with the celadon glaze as it melts from the higher parts of the carving and flows into the deeper areas.

The small sculpture, I did not draw first, I modeled from plasticine.  I first turned the lower portion of the little cup and its foot on a lathe.  The rest of the cup was then shaped with files and scraped and sanded smooth, for later fluting.  Then the frog was carved and the eyes inlaid. 

This is a brief intro to jumpstart this topic, to entice members to contribute here by showing how they prepare to carve a piece.  Show us the finished piece as well, please!








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