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Bonjour from France

Greg Delaunay

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Ok, first, excuse me for my bad english!

My name is Grégory Delaunay, I live in Provence, in France and I'm a french scrimshander and bladesmith. I don't know if you think that scrimshaw is a light carving :)

But I usualy work on ivory and I want to try carving...

You can see my latest scimshaw in the "show and tell" forum.


Thank you for this forum!

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Welcome to The Carving Path Forum Greg!


Thank you for joining us here. Your contributions will be interesting for this forum's members to read about and see.


So you want to start carving beyond scrimshaw... you are about to begin an exciting journey!


I look forward to seeing what you do when you post images of your current scrimshaw. I hope that you will find helpful and useful information here. Please ask us any questions you might have, you might get a variety of answers from the members.


Scrimshaw in its own medium, reminds me of the first steps I took towards carving thirty five years ago, when I drew the outlines of images on my pottery when I was a potter. At first the outlines were accentuated with colored clay slips. After a while, I began to carve a little relief around those lines and into the subject and the path was chosen. I have evolved through carving clay to carving wood and am currently working on a piece of mammoth tusk. Wood for now is the primary material for my carvings, but the mammoth tusk is a lovely material to use. One of our members posted the drawing of his wife's work on the material she was preparing for scrimshaw. I immediately thought of adding relief carving to it, shame on me! I can't help it! Carving is fun!


I hope that you have endless fun and enjoy the new ideas as they present themselves to you!



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