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Dick Bonham

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Being a stone carver my eyes just lit up at the size of the saw, SWEET!

Is the jade a matrix thru base rock or just polished to seam like it??

And being a BC resident I wonder where your from??

Of course with my eyes on the stone.


Hi Raymond, the boulder is solid jade, I just tried to highlight it. Since it was going in a gem show. I wanted to show the contrast between polished Jade and rough Jade, as well as make it smooth and flowing to the touch. Apparently it got rubbed a lot by the people in the show. :D

I live in Mt. Lehman, it is a small rural area in the North West corner of Abbotsford. The Shop with the saw is in South Surrey. and the Jade is from the Polar Mine east of Deas Lake BC.

Take care.

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Welcome Randall.(is that right?)  Yout metalurgical expertise will be most welcome!    :)


Thanks Jim... I've admired your work for quite a long time... it's a pleasure to be here and thanks to you and Don and Janel for this forum...


I've sworn off any "mettalurgical" knowledge, but I can cook stuff up in the shop ok. :D

I carve bows occasionally, but want to expand what I do with my blade-work, I'm expecting this to be highly illuminating...

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