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Hello again members,


Trying to find something specific from the forum's archives is a rather daunting task. I've read each post over the past 6.5 years, but I do not have a photographic memory so I try to find what I might be looking for by using the SEARCH feature. It takes time and patience, and when the reading gets interesting, it can be a time vacuum. I would like to help you learn how to use the forum's SEARCH features, to make your searches productive and informative.


I just tried the SEARCH Feature at the upper right hand corner of the forum's window, and found that it might only check recent posts, or maybe just the posts in the forum topic are that you might be in at the moment.


There are choices of where and how you wish to do your search, at least on my page there appears a drop-down menu for: Forums; Members; Help Files and the Calendar.


There seem to be at least three ways to use the SEARCH feature:


- type your search word in the Search... box and hit the return button on your keyboard

- type your search word in the Search... box and click on the magnifying glass in the green square next to the Search... box




- click the icon to the right of the green square magnifying glass, sort of a flower with a dot in the middle. This is a SEARCH feature that can use multiple words in the Find Words box, and you can refine your search also.


I would recommend using the third option for your searches, especially if the other results are not as productive for you.


Happy hunting! There is a wealth of information stored in the archives!



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