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Pyrography Tool Qustions


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im thinking of buying myself a wood burner for christmas. anyone got any advise? i have no idea what a good tool will be. i will probably do it fairly often to add some flair but not enough to start a busness with it. so i want a mid range tool that i can use for a bit and then set on a shelf. so i dont want to spend thousands of dollers. anyone know of some decent brands that will stay hot enough for a long time. i know they have one burner and two burner tools that i can switch between the two hand pieces and they both stay hot. do i want something with high watts is some brands better then others. what is a good price range? do they sell on ebay or craigs list fairly often?


what tips will i use often alot of wood burning books i fliped through from time to time would say that they used 3-4 tips for 99 percent of the time but i dont remember which ones.

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