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Single Point Carving Machine

T Paulsen

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You could use standard electric motor 1hp at least running at about 1440rpm. Find a good quality smallish chuck. Burr shafts aren't big so as long as the chuck goes up to 6mm with a bit of room. Have a stainless shaft engineered to fit chuck and motor and that's about it. If you're using water you could make a plastic cover for the motor. I've also seen drill presses on their side to make point carvers. You can also buy specially made point carvers out of Asia. Maybe someone else here can help you with that.


Good luck, Billy.

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Gidday Tony

At the moment I'm using a Dremel with flexishaft, various files and differing grades of sandpaper - predominantly with bone although I'd like to try NZ Greenstone sometime.

Somewhere on this forum, I have seen a very quick simple method of holding the flexishaft in a timber block

I have an idea it might have been under tools somewhere - when I get a bit more time I'll have a look again

Cheers from NZ


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