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Post Cards Froma Messy Bench

Tom Edward

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Hey Carvers here are some innovative tools that I came up with to solve problems especially on a limited budget.

The first one is sanding dowels, I purchased sanding sleeves and then inserted the same size of dowels, glued them in and away I went. The eraser is an art eraser my favorite kind sort of brown rubber crepe, I use it to unload the sanding rods, just use it as intended and keep using it until it pulls out the it's own swarf.post-3593-0-34326400-1365278753.jpg

The second image is pretty much the same except the top s curve is a sanding rod on copper tubing and yes it works well I really dig the curving ability of it.post-3593-0-98685900-1365278784.jpg

The last image is of a split stainless steele shank and cotter pin, I insert the sanding paper into the pin and then into the split shank or tubing, and the wrap the paper around the split shank.

I hope these ideas are useful to members of the Carving Path.



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Tom , I have made some sanders for the Fordom tool. I just cut some strips of cloth back sanding paper 2" to 3" long and about a 1/4" to 3/8" wide ,, with an awl I center a hole to attach to a mandrel , 6 to 10 or so strips,, I put them on facing both ways,, fine grit and extra fine will leave a smooth finish with out sanding marks ,,they work great,.

I like your idea of the tubing.


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