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Work In Progress Rhino Hiking Pole

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A new project under way

carved from lime wood and rams horn for the horn of the animal, to be mounted on a hazel shank.As of yet uncomplete needs modification to back of head eyes and glass eyes inserting. but work in progress


a few photos of the steps followed of the carving ,the cutting and shaping of the rams horn, and the overall basic shape


post-3800-0-41239200-1407019409.jpg post-3800-0-70583700-1407019440.jpg post-3800-0-80185600-1407019600.jpg post-3800-0-99141700-1407019628.jpg post-3800-0-72702600-1407019683.jpg post-3800-0-62925600-1407019744.jpg post-3800-0-72131300-1407019811.jpg

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