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Sanding Table / Box

Ed Twilbeck

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I am looking for some ideas for a small sanding box / table ,,that I can connect to the shop vacuum, and connect to the sander. I will build if needed, or buy if their is one on the market, that is not to costly.

My idea is a small storage box wit the top with holes , maybe pegboard, holes in 2 sides for vacuum connection,, one for the shop vac ,,and the other for the hose to the power sander, that can be closed or plugged.

Has anybody built one or purchased one, any ideas will be appreciated.

I have a very small workspace ,a walk-in closet, so size is limited.

P M will be ok.

Thanks all.

Pictures of workspace on my web site.

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The sanding dust is moved away by the shop vac, doesn't collect in the box. The noise is not to bad I have the shop vac wrapped with some foam and some on top to cut down on the noise level.

Living in an apartment and using a closet for a studio,I work to keep the noise and dust down as much as possible.

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